New Offroad Manufacturers

Manufacturer Spotlight – JKS Mfg

If you own a Jeep, and you do more with it (or at least hope to) than drive it to the grocery store, chances are you’ve at least heard of JKS Manufacturing.  For those unfamiliar, we want to take a few moments of your time and fill you in on this company that specializes in…

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Off Road Events

Easter Jeep Safari……It’s COMING!

Do you like to go wheelin’?  What about wheelin’ in Moab, Utah?  Well, what about wheelin’ in Moab, Utah for NINE days?  If you were confused with the first question and aren’t sure what “wheelin” is, then this probably won’t interest you, but if you do, read on!  If you did answer “yes” to any…

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Off Road Infographs

2.5” of Lift with 37’s on a JK? Yep!

Jeeps have undergone many transformations over the years.  From different body styles, powertrains, and even trends in upgrades.  In the past, most utilized big lift kits in order to fit larger tires for proper axle clearance when off road.  Unfortunately, this also caused Jeeps of the past to being excessively top heavy, and couldn’t perform…

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Off Road Innovations

Ram Gets Rebellious

Some may call it the Power Wagon’s little brother, but the Ram Rebel 1500, set to be available in the second half of 2015, features an aggressive styling package with some offroad cues that at least make it LOOK like its ready for the wilderness, if nothing else.  The first modification we noticed for this…

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Taking a 2014 Toyota 4Runner from Zero 2 Hero

    The Toyota 4Runner was originally introduced in 1984 as a spinoff of the Japanese version, the Hilux Surf. In its infancy, the 4Runner was basically a Toyota pickup with a fiberglass shell over the bed. Over the years and five major redesigns, the current model 4Runner really only shares one major facet from…

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Off Road Vehicle Projects

Cherokee Chief Update

Over the past few months here at Power Products Unlimited, its been a whirlwind of events, vehicle builds, and everything in between, but we haven’t forgotten about the progress on the Cherokee Chief. At the time of the last newsletter, we had the basic powertrain installed along with gobs of custom built mounting solutions for…

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