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You’ve Got the Power! Goal Zero Products to Keep the Power On, When You’re Off Road


Going off the grid doesn’t mean you have to go without. Check out our favorite Goal Zero products to get all your favorite creature comforts powered up, no matter where your offroad adventures might take you.

For the Truck

If you choose one GoalZero product to keep on hand in your rig, make it the Goal Zero Torch 250.  The Torch 250 includes a red emergency light, hooks to hang it for unexpected trailside repairs, and three different LED light modes.  It’s got a solar panel on the side to charge up during the day, and has an attached USB charging cable, but you can also use the emergency crank if push really comes to shove.

The Torch 250 also comes with a USB charging port, should you need one when you’re away from your truck (or if your battery dies) to charge up your phone.

It has a super bright 250 Lumen LED light, 180 Lumen spotlight, and a 70 lumen flood light.  It’s a great all around tool, and it’s built to take the abuse that inevitably comes with offroading.

If you’re looking for even more portable power to take on the trail, check out a Goal Zero Yeti Portable Power Station. They come in a range of sizes (from the 150 all the way up to the 3000).  All of them are designed to plug into a wall outlet at home for a full charge before you hit the road, but can be topped up with a Goal Zero solar panel when you’re out and about.

The Yeti series is essentially a generator that doesn’t make a bunch of noise and stink.  You can even use it from the confines of your truck. Just make sure you choose the model that’s right for your charging and power needs.

The entry level Goal Zero Yeti 150 is useful enough for the basics like cell phones and GoPros, but it’s got enough power for tablets and laptops.  On the other end of the range, the Goal Zero Yeti 3000 is a beast.  Need to power a fridge on the trail?  No problem. Maybe your Super Bowl party is happening in the backcountry!  Run a television, charge a phone, and stream your heart out. All of them are rechargeable with solar power.  There’s a Yeti Portable Power Source for every offroader, and we’re happy to help you spec out which one you need.

For the Tent

When you get to camp at the end of the night, having decent light to change clothes and make your bed with can really simplify things.  Light that doesn’t take up much space when you’re packing is even better. Enter the Goal Zero Crush Light.  Like the rest of the Goal Zero line, you can charge it up with solar power.  It’s easy to hang in your tent with the provided loop, and even better, the solar panel it uses is built in.  You can also just plug it into a USB or power outlet for quick charge up. On low power, it’ll run for up 35 hours–way more than you need to get into your tent and settled at the end of the night.

For the Campsite

Need a little more ambience than the night sky provides when you’re out on the trail?  Check out the Goal Zero Light-a-Life Minis!  You chain up to 8 Light a Life 350s, or 4 of the 110s.  They’re super small, and recharge quickly with the attached USB charger.  

Hang Light-a-Life Minis up almost anywhere the included carabiner or magnets, and you’ve got some great lighting in camp, no matter how far out into the middle of nowhere you are.

If you’re looking for a good all-in-one option, the Goal Zero Light House 400 is the perfect alternative to the old camp lantern you’ve been using for a decade.  Step up your game with this lantern, and you’ll find yourself with a bright, rechargeable lantern that doubles as a power source.  It’s designed to pack down easily for storage, has hooks to hang it up, and will charge your phone or devices when you need a little more juice.

Add Flexibility with Solar Panels

All of the Goal Zero products we’ve talked about can be charged by a solar panel, though the right size and configuration varies depending on the size of the battery in the devices you are considering.  

On the smaller end of the line, there are the super portable Nomad folding solar panels.  If you like to hike once you get out in the wild, they can be great for throwing on your back to charge up a cell phone.  If that’s not your style, you can get a larger panel to hang in camp.

They fold down to the size of notebook, and are durable enough to throw in your truck without hesitation.  

Goal Zero also has the portable, but not foldable Boulder line of panels — great for a base camp, but not something you probably want to deal with moving every night if you’re on an epic overlanding trip.  

One important note though — solar panels don’t store power — they only find it. Be sure to pair any panels you choose to use with a good power pack, or plug directly into whatever light or device you need to charge.

Store it All with a Power Bank

If you go for the Yeti Portable Power Stations, you’re already prepared to save up all that solar power.  If you don’t though, you can opt for one of the smaller power banks to store some of that solar goodness. Check out the Venture line for rugged power banks that you can charge with solar panels, or via a USB port.  They’ll give you enough power to charge a cell phone 7 times, or a GoPro up to 10 times.  

As with anything we sell, we are always happy to walk through the options with you.  Give us a call or shoot us an email, and we’ll make sure you’ve got the power you need on the trail, no matter where that trail might lead.

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