Cherokee Chief Update

Cherokee-Chief-Update-flexedOver the past few months here at Power Products Unlimited, its been a whirlwind of events, vehicle builds, and everything in between, but we haven’t forgotten about the progress on the Cherokee Chief. At the time of the last newsletter, we had the basic powertrain installed along with gobs of custom built mounting solutions for everything. But even with the most powerful and indestructible powertrain, without a killer suspension, the Cherokee Chief would be nothing for its intended purpose.

Cherokee-Chief-Update-cantilever designTo start things off, we designed a triangulated 4-link suspension, and as the pictures indicate, it allows for a MASSIVE amount of wheel travel. With a little work in SolidWorks and a ton of machining, a custom 4-link mount was built to straddle the upper portion of the Pro Rock 80 rear end to prevent against welding on the axle and also provide for further articulation without binding. In order to provide ample dampening and rebound for this, we looked to Fox Shocks. In the rear, we’re running a set of Fox 2.5 coilovers coupled with 3.0 four-tube bypasses that are mounted to a custom cantilever to further our efforts in maximizing wheel travel. Up front, we’ll have the same blend of 2.5 coilovers with 3.0 four-tube bypasses, but without the need for the cantilevers. For the finishing touch, Fox 2.5 bumpstops will prevent us from any harsh bottom outs.

Cherokee-Chief-Update-5The latest hurdle we are confronting is something we haven’t had to deal with on all of our previous builds…..rust. Because previously modified rigs have all been relatively newer vehicles, we’ve only had to deal with very minor rust issues, but the Cherokee Chief is a beast from the era of disco, meaning its had over 35 years to allow the red plague to seep into its veins. But as with everything else, its being remedied and made more robust than the factory ever built it. Its amazing what you can accomplish with a cut off wheel, sheet metal, a bead roller, and a welder!

While there have been many long nights and weekends dedicated to progress on the Cherokee Chief, we were forced to recently make a decision none of us wanted to make, and that was to suspend its completion until after the Ultimate Adventure, where it was set to debut. We will still be participating in the UA, but will be flogging one of our other recent builds, Mjolnir, which has already proven itself in Moab and several other recent venues. As further progress is made on the Cherokee Chief, we will continue with updates as well as results from other upcoming events it will attend.


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EcoBeast – Offroad Power Products 2013 Ford F-150 EcoBoost

EcoBeast-01Earlier in the year, we purchased a Ford F-150 EcoBoost that we had plans of transforming into a Raptor killing machine. The EcoBoosts have always intrigued us due to the lengths that Ford went through to produce a powerful, yet still efficient engine, that was designed to take a beating. Our basic plan was to upgrade several of the factory components that would allow us to then utilize a multitude of aftermarket components actually designed for the Ford Raptor SVT’s, and so we did!

EcoBeast-02EcoBeast-03The biggest changes to the truck were definitely in the suspension, thus we enlisted the help of ICON Vehicle Dynamics, Camburg, and ReadyLIFT in order to create a combination of parts that would make the heaviest built Raptors blush. As with most of our builds, our focus was to have minimal lift with as much wheel travel as possible to maximize the handling and capabilities when off road. Up front, we hooked up the EcoBoost with a set of ICON’s Raptor 3.0 1”-3.5” Adjustable Coilovers with Compression Adjust and Hydraulic Bumpstops. To allow these coilovers maximum travel, we looked to Camburg’s Raptor Performance Dual Shock Lower Arm Kit that is a complete work of metallurgical art to say the least. Built with 1.0” and 1.5” PTFE lined uniballs, these boxed lower arms are unstoppable. And because we knew this truck would be running at least 37” tires and would see a beating off road, we installed a ReadyLIFT Heavy Duty Steering Kit that upgrades the tie rods with 17-4 stainless CNC machined inner clevis’, hard anodized 7075 aluminum tie rods, 7/8” outer heims, and ¾” inner heims. With this combination, the steering would be unbreakable, and the front suspension would afford tons of wheel travel while producing exceptional handling, on or off road.

IEcoBeast-rearn the rear, we looked to balance out what had been done to the front end, thus the ICON Raptor ZETA 3.0 Piggyback Reservoir Bypass Shocks were a no brainer. And to ensure the rear was as protected as the front, another set of ICON Bumpstops were added. The rear bumps are a much more involved assembly in comparison to the front as they have an integrated cross member and tension rods that will prevent frame twist under extreme impacts. To ensure the rear had as much travel as the front, we installed a set of Deaver Progressive Leaf Springs designed for the Raptors. Finally, we had Crown build us a set of their Kevlar lined brake lines to avoid overextending the lines at full droop. As an added benefit, there is a noticeable increase in braking responsiveness because these do not swell like the factory lines do.

To balance the new stance of this build, we went shoe shopping and opted for a set of 37” Maxxis Trepador Radials mounted to KMC Enduro Beadlocks that we then had powdercoated charcoal to complement the exterior color of the truck. With the large upgrade in tires, we knew that regearing the truck would be a necessity, thus a set of 4.88 ring and pinions from Nitro Gear & Axle made their way into the cases, coupled with a Nitro Girdle Rear Differential Cover to protect against any rock damage. You may ask how we were able to fit 37” tires with the minimal amount of lift we have. That leads us to our next phase: body work.

Cherokee-Chief-Update-6Boatec has adopted a name for themselves in the Raptor community for building the best fitting fiberglass fenders and it made this an obvious choice. Front and rear glass fenders not only provide for ample clearance, but also deliver a very factory-like finish. To replicate the Raptor theme we were after, we fitted the truck with a factory Raptor hood, grill, and lower valance. In order to aid in overland excursions, the truck was next fitted with a Leer 100XQ canopy to keep cargo secure, as well as providing a dry place to sleep in the event of an overnighter. While we’ve found that having a canopy is beneficial in many ways, it also makes getting cargo out of the truck bed difficult, thus a call to BedSlide was in order. For those unfamiliar with a BedSlide, they are similar to a drawer in your kitchen, but for your entire truck bed. This system makes loading and unloading equipment, groceries, or whatever a breeze by unlocking the latch and pulling out the “shelf” on the ball bearing casters. We opted for their 1000 Pro SE due to its multiple tie down points and rubberized decking.

Power, what about the power? While the 3.5L twin turbo EcoBoost engine has made quite a name for itself for having a remarkable power to displacement ratio, more is ALWAYS better. For programming, we looked to SCT due to their ability to load custom tunes, giving us the ability to remove traction control, adjust for gear ratio changes, and much more. The SCT Livewire seemed like a perfect choice with its fully integrated interface and then had MPT build us a file that would suit our build. While the program that was built for us delivered outstanding throttle response, we wanted a little more to keep our 37’s rolling with the flick of the throttle. To accomplish this, we also plugged a Sprint Booster into the factory throttle position sensor to liven it up, and it made a HUGE difference! There are three setting, from stock to mild to wild, but in our eyes, there’s really only one setting…..WILD! To get the engine breathing, we started at the front of the truck, the very front. The factory intercooler, while fairly efficient, lacks the volume we were after in the likelihood that we would upgrade the turbos, but also hangs down behind the factory front bumper. With this location, it would immediately lend itself to getting smashed in the rocks of Moab. Our friends at Full Race build a completely upgraded intercooler that is positioned behind the grill and comes with all of the necessary hardware for the retrofit. Next, an AFE Stage 2 Magnum FORCE Cold Air Intake would further assist in getting cold air in. Now, to get the engine exhaling, AFE lined us up on one of their new 3.0” to 3.5” Y-Pipes that we mated to a Magnaflow Off Road Pro Series 3.0” Exhaust. We opted for this particular exhaust system because it dumps prior to the rear axle, meaning the exhaust would not be a limiting factor to rear axle articulation. Finally, we upgraded to a 170 degree thermostat to make sure the truck stays cool, even on the hottest days of crawling through desert terrain.

And finally, what kind of off road battle ram would this truck be without some gnarly lighting to keep the road-less-traveled well lit for us? With the help from Baja Designs, we can now have utter daylight 24 hours a day and wheel in confidence. A single 37” OnX Arc Series 5 Cell LED Light Bar sits atop the front bumper, delivering 21,500 lumens of light, while consuming only 210 watts.

You may ask what this truck will be used for, well….everything! Like the majority of our in-house builds, we build them to be able to handle nearly anything we can throw at them, and this one is no different. Its already seen some major wheeling in Moab, towed some trailers, and pounded plenty of pavement.

Toyota Announces TRD Pro Models

Toyota-Announces-TRD-Pro-ModelsBig news came out of Toyota recently in an effort to rebrand themselves in the eyes of many. Over the years, Toyota has developed a plethora of unique vehicles, but few that packed a serious punch in the face to distinct niche markets, specifically the rapidly growing off-road segment. Announced at the 2014 Chicago Auto Show, Toyota will begin production of TRD Pro models that will affect the 4Runner, Tacoma, and Tundra models to go after the Raptor SVT and Wrangler Rubicon crowd.

From the exterior, each model receives unique TRD Pro badging, black simulator beadlock wheels, aggressive tires, and FJ40 inspired black grills. Furthermore, these packages will come in a limited array of colors, being black, super white, and their flagship Inferno, which adorned each of the models at the Chicago Auto Show. But wait, are these all show and no go? Not necessarily. The Tacoma will receive Bilstein remote reservoir shocks, functional front skidplate, TRD tuned springs that will lift the front end an additional two inches, and a TRD exhaust for a little more pony.

Toyota-Announces-TRD-Pro-Models3The 4Runner also gets some attention with 1.5” taller front springs that net an extra one inch of wheel travel, along with aggressive all terrain tires and 17 inch black rims. And let’s not forget about the popular Tundra, which could very easily be their biggest seller. The Tundra, while it will not touch the avid off-road market that the Raptor SVT has plunged into, it will still gain popularity with the weekend warriors, or potentially those that would prefer to build their capable off-roader, instead of buy it. This package will feature reduced rate two inch taller front springs, Bilstein remote reservoir shocks, and a front skidplate.

Toyota-Announces-TRD-Pro-Models2Now the big question will be how sales go for this lineup. Will it be a huge hit with their aggressive styling cues and moderately functional drivetrain, or will they be a flop because of over comparisons to more showroom ready vehicles such as the Raptor and Wrangler? Time will tell, but we think these could give Toyota a new market presence and we’re excited to see where this takes Toyota in the future.


Ultimate Adventure Cherokee Chief

uacc-artist-rendering1 UACC is THE Ultimate Adventure Cherokee Chief, and it’s a force to be reckoned with (or at least will be when we’re done with it)!

As proud supporters of Petersen’s 4 Wheel & Off-Road Magazine’s Ultimate Adventure for the past two years, we have the opportunity to attend this insane week long event. In 2012, we put our recently built 4BT Cummins powered Jeep JK to the test, along with our Ram Mega Cab that was responsible for camera crew transportation. Last year, we set our JK on the trails again, with a host of further upgraded parts. But for Ultimate Adventure 2014, we’re planning a whole different approach. We are in the process of building a unique 1978 Jeep Cherokee Chief Wide Track with a V10 Viper power plant that is undergoing a complete frame off in order to ensure complete indestructability.

uacc-artist-rendering2While this project is being dubbed the Ultimate Adventure Cherokee Chief, its uses will be many, including the upcoming Easter Jeep Safari that is approaching all too quickly. The entire build is unique for us in several facets. For starters, we’re beginning with some old, American iron, when all of our builds in the past have been conducted on later model (and rust free) vehicles. Secondly, this entire build will be performed in house, with us at the helm controlling every phase, including all of the SolidWorks design work for custom cross members, engine mounts, and so forth. By keeping the entire build in house, we will be able to preserve the quality of the entire build, as this will be the highest profile project to date for us.

UACC-VIPER-POWERAs we’re sure everyone is wanting to know some details on this build, let’s dive into some of the specifics of what’s going into the UACC. For starters, there have been some extensive body modifications that we outlined with our friends at Perfection Auto Body. This build, like most of our others, needed to clear 40” tires, but we didn’t want an atrocious amount of lift, causing the vehicle to be top heavy and hard to handle on the trails. In order to make this feat happen, Perfection opened up the fender wells in a manner that made it look completely factory, and while this may sound simple, it is quite the opposite. Further body modifications were conducted in house that involved removing the back of the cab area in order to allow for a custom rack for spare tires, tools, and equipment.

UACC-BOXED-FRAMEUnderneath the body of the Cherokee Chief we made a ton of frame modifications to ensure it wasn’t zigging when we were trying to zag. How about a fully boxed frame? CHECK! Custom boxed cross members? YEP! Fully boxed and sleeved rear bumper welded to the rear frame spars? WHY NOT?! Some might think we’re going completely overkill on making this rig indestructible, but if anyone has witnessed our driving style, we prefer to go big, and not have to go home. Further custom modifications include custom engine mounts, heavy duty body mounts, and basically anything that gets mounted to something else, it was designed and built. And many of these products couldn’t have been accomplished if it weren’t for our friends at Shamrock Machining. They make it too easy for us. Once we have the completed design in SolidWorks, we send the file to them and they go to work with their laser cutters and CNC equipment. That just leaves welding everything together and mounting it on the vehicle for us.

UACC-BODYTo really get the Chief to the point we wanted it, it’s obvious we wouldn’t be able to build EVERYTHING, and would be sourcing many rock solid products from various manufacturers, and still building some of our own. To start things off, a set of Dynatrac axle assemblies were in order, and to accommodate this build, we decided to go with none other than a Pro Rock 80 in the rear and a Pro Rock 60 in the front. If you’ve never had the opportunity to see these in person, you can’t imagine the physical girth of them, and our driving style will be a true testament to their indestructability. At the ends of each axle assembly are a set of 40” Maxxis Trepador Bias Ply tires wrapped around TrailReady wheels that will together keep our rig moving in, out, and around any obstacle that dare lie in our path. And to further provide testimony that getting stuck is not an option for us, we looked to ARB for a set of their Air Lockers that will give us the ability of locking and unlocking the carriers at will. And if none of the above gets us out of whatever mayhem we’ve found ourselves in, WARN has taken care of us with one of their new Zeon 10-s winches that features 10,000 pounds of pulling capacity and their newly designed planetary gear train for quick recoveries.

uacc-transfer-caseNow in order to ensure the Viper’s horsepower is properly getting to the Dynatrac axles, BD Power hooked us up with one of their billet 48RE transmissions that we’ve used numerous times in the past behind high horsepower Cummins power plants and has truly proven itself. Mounted behind the BD 48RE is one of the highly acclaimed Atlas II 3:1 Highland Transfer Case that will allow us to crawl when necessary, but also test the rev limiter on the Viper when we can.

In order to provide a robust mount for the Atlas II to prevent against any deflection that can occur, we designed a billet transfer case support in SolidWorks and made a trip to our friends at MachineHead Racing for the machine work. Built from a solid piece of 6061 billet, this mount bolts around the outlet of the transfer case and is a true piece of artwork.

As this newsletter is being written, its nearly already outdated with the constant progress being made on the UACC, so be sure to check out our next newsletter with a finished product and some testing results of this behemoth!


2013 “Alternate” Petersen’s 4-Wheel & Off-Road Ultimate Adventure

This year will be referred to as the Alternate Ultimate Adventure.  We were plagued with little issues that popped up at various stages of the Ultimate Adventure, only to point us in a different direction for our own personal AUA.  In following with the rules from this year’s UA, there was no whining from the Offroad Power Products (OPP) crew, and there was plenty of hydration as this was in the hot and muggy dirty South.  Our first indicator that it was going to be a little different than everyone else’s experience occurred on the very first obstacle of the first trail day when Cooper took the diesel JK up what should have been a relatively uneventful obstacle, only to find out the front locker wasn’t engaging and the skinny pedal wasn’t friends with the rear ring gear.  We removed all the teeth from the ring gear at that point and limped back to town with FWD low range.  To fix this issue, we set up a flatbed tow truck to haul us to a 4 Wheel Parts outlet in Atlanta where Cooper began the tear down process to assess the extent of things.

2013-ultimate-adventure-jeep-jk-cummins-1At that point, we left “Hotlanta” with the front locker working and all the gears set up and working properly, happy as clams to be rejoining the UA crew in Georgia for some 4 Wheelering.  We ended up showing up just in time to head back to camp for our host dinner of smoked pig, which was a welcome treat at that point.  Next day was a road day that would take us to Florida.  After a few hours of driving, we took a small detour to a wrecking yard where AUA event number two would take place.  There was a lonely car in the parking lot that was screaming for someone to drive over it.  So without skipping a beat, Cooper decided to go ahead and give it what it wanted.  Unfortunately, this caused an issue with a weak radiator to rear its little head, splitting the top part of the tank off of the radiator.  Luckily, we managed to locate a replacement radiator a “measly” 300 miles away.  Remember, at this point of the AUA, we were still in the Florida heat, so babying the JK along with the heater on full tilt in order to alleviate any overheating issues wasn’t THAT bad to deal with.

2013-ultimate-adventure-jeep-jk-cummins-2We picked up the new radiator at a Performance Radiator in Jacksonville, FL and proceeded to make the 60 mile trek to that evening’s campsite just as it got dark, meeting up with the rest of the UA crew at the exact same time.  A little parking lot radiator swap had us ready for the next day that would surely test any weak points in the coolant system.  The day could best be described as “stinky, soupy mud day,” as it was spent tearing up a mass of “mud” strewn fields and water holes.  Many a time throughout the day you would hear someone yell “Hey that isn’t mud!” as this park also doubled as a cattle ranch with over 1200 head of cattle wandering around, leaving their mark wherever the need arose.

2013-ultimate-adventure-jeep-jk-cummins-3The next day brought about another road day, another highlight of the trip, as we had the opportunity to drive the whole crew of vehicles onto the beach in Daytona.  This was one of the most welcome sights as we also got to go for a swim and scrub some of the nastiness from our tired bodies (this may go down as one of the stinkiest and funkiest UA’s in history).   The next day led to another road day, AKA our last day wheelering.  The day was going perfect, Jeep was flawless, but about halfway through the day the tranny shifted into neutral and stayed there as a default.  After pulling off with Trent McGee from Airaid, we determined that the pump in the tranny had given up.  At this point, with the extent of this repair, we threw in the towel for the diesel JK and stashed it at the local Napa Auto Parts store to retrieve at a later date.  Bryan and Cooper then hopped into Hercules (Fred Williams of Petersen’s Magazine’s O.D. Green 5.9 Cummins JK) to make the remainder of the trip to South Carolina for the final day of 4Wheelering.  The final day was no let down, there were only two obstacles of the day, but because of the red clay and the complete and total lack of traction, it made for some rather amazing spectating.

All in all, we wouldn’t change a thing.  The rules are the rules for the reason they are, and they carry on to more than just the Ultimate Adventure, no whining.  We had some issues and all of them were diagnosed to a specific fault that is repairable.  Even with all the time away from the UA, we still met some amazing people from all over the country and learned a lot (like we love the weather in the North West) and will never forget this year’s Alternate Ultimate Adventure.

Written By: Cooper Rasmussen

Offroad Power Products Returns to Ultimate Adventure 2013

Apparently we did something right last year, because Petersen’s 4Wheel & Off-Road Magazine has invited us back, yet again, nominating Off-Road Power Products as the Official Retailer for the Ultimate Adventure.  Last year, we spent a week camping out of the back of our 4BT Cummins powered Jeep JK and Dodge MegaCab rooting around the trails, highways, and byways of the Pacific Northwest with the crew from Petersen’s, additional sponsors, and a group of lucky readers to see whose rigs would make it out alive on some of the most challenging trails that the area has to offer.  For those that are not familiar with the Ultimate Adventure, a group of Petersen’s readers are selected to participate with sponsors, and the staff of Petersen’s, on literally, an ultimate adventure.   Participants are given extremely short notice of where they need to be somewhere in the country on a given date with a vehicle capable of off-roading in nearly any environment, as well as have the ability to travel to various destinations on public roadways, at least relatively legally.  And to top it off, you spend the entire time camping out of your vehicle and doing trail side repairs as necessary.  This event has no “winner,” but rather a gathering of soon-to-be friends enjoying their favorite hobby, trying to make it to the final destination after a week of wheeling.

As this newsletter is being written, our crew is hastily getting ready for the 2013 Ultimate Adventure and wondering exactly where this year will have us traveling.  We will again bring our 4BT JK, but with the addition of a “few” goodies since last year!  Let’s see, where should we start on the list of upgrades since last year?  How about:

  • Dynatrac Pro Rock 44 Front and Pro Rock 66 Rear axle assemblies
  • Trucklite LED headlights
  • Synergy Suspension KOH Front Bumper Stinger
  • Synergy Rock Guards
  • Savvy Offroad Trail Doors
  • 40” Toyo M/T’s provided by Les Schwab mounted to a set of ATX Slab Beadlocks
  • S-Pod
  • DC Power Inc. alternator
  • Rear cage extension
  • Atlast 2 transfer case with JK shifters in a 3.8:1 ratio
  • ICON Vehicle Dynamics dual bypass shocks at all corners
  • Reid Racing Steering Knuckles
  • Last but not least, a little exhaust modification!
  • ATS 4L60E Torque Converter

Like we said, just a “few” simple modifications.  Also since last year, our Ford Raptor SD has been built and put through the paces in Moab and many other tribulations, so we thought what better rig to take?  Just like last year’s dedication of the MegaCab, the Raptor SD will again be responsible for transporting camera crew and equipment through the hairy trails that our fearless leaders take us upon.

Now the big question is where will UA13 actually take place?  We are still unsure of its exact location, but a little birdie let us in on a few hints.  So to take advantage of these insinuations, we’ve stocked up on a few pallets of mosquito repellent and moved the transmission controller for the JK into the glove box in case we encounter any river or swamp crossings!  This year, we will be riding topless and without the luxury of air conditioning in the JK, so we are sure to stock up on plenty of ice and cool drinks to keep cool in our Grizzly cooler.  We will deliver the results of UA13 in the next upcoming newsletter, cross your fingers that we came out relatively unscathed!

Offroad Power Products to be Official Retailer of the 2013 Ultimate Adventure

The Ultimate Adventure is just that, the ultimate adventure (at least if you love off-roading, lots of driving, sleepless nights, and trailside repairs).  Put on by Petersen’s 4-Wheel & Off-Road Magazine every year, the UA is a weeklong adventure in which a handful of contestants are selected to meet in an undisclosed area at nearly the drop of a hat with their off-road artillery of choice and spend nearly a week in some of the roughest terrain around the country.  Each day presents a new challenge in a new area as the contestants must drive their vehicle to a different destination in a convoy to find untouched territory as determined by the staff of Petersen’s.  When, and we mean WHEN, carnage occurs, you had better be prepared to fix it trail side, or get left behind.  Last year’s event happened to be in our neck of the woods, so we had the opportunity to have several of our own vehicles be involved in the UA, including our Mega Cab that acted as the camera crew transport vehicle, as well as our 4BT Cummins powered Jeep JK.  The biggest carnage from last year may have been Synergy Suspension’s blown engine in their JK, which should have taken them out of the event.  Fortunately, because of being in our backyard, we managed to source an engine from Montana, get it to the middle of Washington where the vehicle was down, and swap a fresh engine in that would allow the guys from Synergy to finish the event.

And because we had so much fun last year, we wanted to be a part of it all again!  Through our great relationship with the staff at Petersen’s, they have invited us back to be the Official Retailer of the 2013 Ultimate Adventure and have welcomed our Raptor SD to be the official support vehicle for the event.  Last year was fun maneuvering our big Mega Cab amidst all of the smaller vehicles on the trail, we will see how the Super Duty fairs!  It will be exciting to learn where this year takes us and what debacles we encounter along the way, and who makes it out in one piece.  No matter the outcome, it’s a great adventure with a superb group of people that is truly something to remember for a lifetime.

Checkout the highlights from the 2012 Ultimate Adventure

Power Products Now Teamed Up With Nitro Gears!

We have recently teamed up with Nitro Gear to deliver you the ultimate in ring and pinion sets and accessories.  Nitro Gear is an innovator in the gear and axle industry. They have been the first to market with many new products that the market is screaming for, but that no one will produce.  They are also known for having the most meticulous manufacturing procedures to create the most reliable drivetrain components.

Nitro ring and pinions are made from the highest quality forgings using state-of-the-art CNC machining processes.  Strict tolerances ensure precision fitment and hassle free installation.  Computer controlled lapping processes result in an excellent contact pattern and a quiet running setup that will last.  And finally, each new application is test fitted by real differential experts and put through a stringent review process prior to being released.  And for all of these reasons, along with their top notch service, is why we’ve chosen to not only sell their products, but to use it Nitro in many of our vehicle builds, including the Raptor SD!  If you’re in need of gearing or heavy duty axles, look no further than Nitro Gear & Axle.

For more information on Nitro Gear visit our store: Offroad Power Products Sells Nitro Gear and Axle Parts, or visit the manufacturer Nitro Gear Website.

Offroad Power Products joins Borgwarner for 2012 SEMA Show

Sema Logo

Where else in the world can you walk for four days non-stop, be in an overly crowded building, get next to zero sleep for a week, and be absolutely stoked every minute of it?  SEMA, that’s where.  SEMA 2012 has now come and gone and was another absolute success for many.  We had the fortune of showcasing our Cummins 4BT powered Jeep JK with our friends in the Borgwarner Turbo booth.  Last year, we had the opportunity to become very close to the Borgwarner crew through our usage of their EFR line in such projects as our triple turbo powered Dodge Cummins and the Jeep JK.  Through these projects, we were able to flop their stereotype of EFR turbo applications right on its back, and roll our JK in place of where they would typically be showcasing Formula 1 race cars.

4bt Jeep Offroad Power Products

This year showed a shift from huge lift kits and crazy paint schemes with gobs of chrome, towards a more pre-runner look with flat paint schemes and fiberglass fenders.    In the Jeep segment, AEV converted JK’s took the show.  It seems almost natural for this body style to come factory from Jeep because of their popularity, but it would almost be a misfortune, because then everyone would have one.

AEV Converted Jeep AEV Converted 4 door jeep

In the off-road market, AEV converted Jeep JK’s were nearly everywhere, which isn’t a bad thing, because they are AWESOME! Pictured above is a two-door version that was featured in the BDS Suspension booth. Pictured to the right is a four-door in AEV’s booth.

To read more about this year’s SEMA Show and see additional photos, check out Diesel Power Products’ Blog

Offroad Power Products Returns from Offroad Expo

Our 4BT Cummins powered JK was recently featured in the Synergy Suspension booth at the Off-Road Expo, and was a HUGE hit. The Expo gave us the opportunity to pick up some new product lines, as well as cement some old friendships. We also got a chance to hang out with some old friends at Carli Suspension, Dynatrac, AFE, ICON Suspension, BDS Suspension, and Synergy, and make some exciting new ones, including Nitro Gear, RCV Axles, and Torq Motorsports. Next up….look for the Jeep and us at the Borg Warner Turbo booth at SEMA! SEMA gives us new opportunities to source out even more new manufacturers and shake hands with our current suppliers.