2.5” of Lift with 37’s on a JK? Yep!

Jeeps have undergone many transformations over the years.  From different body styles,
powertrains, and even trends in upgrades.  In the past, most utilized big lift kits in order to fit larger tires for proper axle 10341523_721319524592687_1384528408480282239_nclearance when off road.  Unfortunately, this also caused Jeeps of the past to being excessively top heavy, and couldn’t perform as well as they could on steep or off camber obstacles.  Since the release of the JK models in 2007, the trend has pushed towards a lower slung Jeep with larger tires to keep the center of gravity as low as possible, but still achieve massive axle ground clearance.  Most suspension manufacturers have fallen on suspension systems that raise the front of the JK’s an average of four inches for a good compromise of tire clearance and minimal lift.  However, we have found that we can push the limits even further for maximum on AND off road performance.  We got together with our friends at Eibach and had them build us progressive rate coils that are a mere two and a half inches over stock.  With these, a JK running stock fenders can quite easily clear 35” tires.  But for those upgrading to one of jk-2the ever popular MCE Flexible Fenders, Nemesis, or other similar type of flare, you can mount up a set of 37’s under your Jeep.

The biggest highlight of these coils are not the mere fact of their ride height, but of their sheer capability to enhance the prowess of your JK in any situation.  We’ve personally pushed the limits of these coils time and again on our in-house JK, dubbed Ginsu, and it has performed without flaw.  Further, the on road handling beats anything we have ran for the grueling Monday through Fridayginsu-flexed commutes.  Now, since we realize that some do have a preference towards more lift, or do not wish to upgrade the fenders, we also have 3.5” coils to deliver a slightly taller ride height, but built with the same superior progressive rate design.


For more information on these coils, as well as others that Eibach produces for us, click HERE.

Ram Gets Rebellious

Some may call it the Power Wagon’s little brother, but the Ram Rebel 1500, set to be 2015 Ram 1500 Rebelavailable in the second half of 2015, features an aggressive styling package with some offroad cues that at least make it LOOK like its ready for the wilderness, if nothing else.  The first modification we noticed for this trim package was that of the grill.  Gone is the classic cross haired chrome grill with a large Rams head adorning the center replaced by a matte black grill with the word “RAM” boldly emphasizing the automaker.  As the first Ram since 1993 to not feature the cross hairs, this had to be a large step for the automaker.  The black grill flows into a matching front bumper with an integrated skid 2015-ram-1500-rebel-rear-three-quarter-1plate for additional protection when encountering obstacles off the beaten path.  To provide even further off road appeal, the Ram’s standard air suspension is lifted one inch taller than the standard 1500’s for an improved 10.3” of ground clearance.  This coupled with the standard 33” Toyo Open Country A/T tires will deliver enough offroad prowess for getting to your favorite camping spot, but probably not much further than that.

Overall, it’s a big move for Ram to be stepping away from some of its signature styling they have relied upon for over two decades, but the look is definitely appealing to us, and we hope they decide to extend this package in some of their other models.


Cars are not meant to go underwater, right?  Well, iafrica.com by a staff reporter highlights a video of a Toyota Landcruiser attempting to cross a river in Australia.  The river gets rather deep as the jeep gets half way through before it begins to sink.  Somehow, the driver keeps the engine going and the snorkel above the water.  Eventually, the Landcruiser regains traction and crosses the river.

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Off Road Innovation of the Year

The variety and capability of handicapped outdoor mobility equipment available to wheelchair users has drastically changed in the last decade.  This has given a countless amount of people the ability to participate in activities they otherwise would have been spectators in.  The Boma7 off-road chair from Molten Rock “allows almost anyone, regardless of ability, to participate in hiking, cycling or simply enjoying time outdoors with family and friends.”  Chris Swift, founder of Molten Rock, has spent 16 years as a wheel chair user and is very aware of the challenges that the mobility impaired face when it comes to outdoor environments.  “He said : ‘Enabling people through providing a well designed product like Boma7 is extremely rewarding.  I know that traveling off tarmac into a previously inaccessible forest or onto a beach is exhilarating for any wheelchair user.’”  The Boma has been field tested and proven in both the UK and Africa.  In June 2011 a trial Boma7 off road chair became the first electric wheelchair to drive to the summit of Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the United Kingdom.  Chris Swift said, “‘Many customers will never push their Boma7 to its performance limits but it’s good for them to know that chair will cope if they need to cross some muddy ground.’”

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