Easter Jeep Safari……It’s COMING!

Do you like to go wheelin’?  What about wheelin’ in Moab, Utah?  Well, what about wheelin’
in Moab, Utah for NINE days?  If you were confused with the first question and aren’t sure what “wheelin” is, then this probably won’t interest you, but if you do, read on!  If you did answer “yes” to any of the three questions, its likely you’ve at least heard about Easter Jeep Safari.  And for those unfamiliar, lets change that.

Basically, Easter Jeep Safari, or EJS for short, is a nine day gathering of off road
enthusiasts in the prestigious off roading community of Moab, Utah organized by the Red Maxxis-0752Rock 4-Wheelers organization.  Each day is a new outing on numerous trails in the area that will service the entire spectrum of enthusiasts.  Whether you are a novice four wheeler or consider yourself a pro, there will be a trail ride to match your skill level and vehicle ability.


While this may be dubbed Easter Jeep Safari, this adventure is by no means limited to IMG_3239
Jeep owners.  The nomenclature originates back to 1967 when the adventure first began.  But today, you can find everything from Jeeps to full size trucks hitting the trails.  So much so, there is even a trail ride dedicated to the full size group, dubbed the Full Size Invasion.  For this ride, the trail is typically more tailored towards the bigger vehicles, not to say they aren’t going to scratch some fenders along the way.

Over the last several years, we have been fortunate enough to attend EJS with a few of our vehicles for a little “product testing” as we like to call it.  Really, its all about the fun of getting out there and the comradery of helping everyone get through the trails and making IMG_3194it back to base camp.  Since our maiden voyage , we’ve taken numerous vehicles, such as our 4BT Cummins powered JK, our Ford Powerstroke aptly named the “Raptor SD,” and “Mjolnir,” our 2013 Ram 2500.  This year, you’ll likely see “Ginsu” hitting the trails and possibly other vehicles of ours.  For those unable to attend this year’s Easter Jeep Safari, we’ll be sure to take plenty of photos and video that we will share upon our return.  And for those that will be in attendance, look us up, we always enjoy meeting fellow enthusiasts.

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