Offroad Power Products joins Borgwarner for 2012 SEMA Show

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Where else in the world can you walk for four days non-stop, be in an overly crowded building, get next to zero sleep for a week, and be absolutely stoked every minute of it?  SEMA, that’s where.  SEMA 2012 has now come and gone and was another absolute success for many.  We had the fortune of showcasing our Cummins 4BT powered Jeep JK with our friends in the Borgwarner Turbo booth.  Last year, we had the opportunity to become very close to the Borgwarner crew through our usage of their EFR line in such projects as our triple turbo powered Dodge Cummins and the Jeep JK.  Through these projects, we were able to flop their stereotype of EFR turbo applications right on its back, and roll our JK in place of where they would typically be showcasing Formula 1 race cars.

4bt Jeep Offroad Power Products

This year showed a shift from huge lift kits and crazy paint schemes with gobs of chrome, towards a more pre-runner look with flat paint schemes and fiberglass fenders.    In the Jeep segment, AEV converted JK’s took the show.  It seems almost natural for this body style to come factory from Jeep because of their popularity, but it would almost be a misfortune, because then everyone would have one.

AEV Converted Jeep AEV Converted 4 door jeep

In the off-road market, AEV converted Jeep JK’s were nearly everywhere, which isn’t a bad thing, because they are AWESOME! Pictured above is a two-door version that was featured in the BDS Suspension booth. Pictured to the right is a four-door in AEV’s booth.

To read more about this year’s SEMA Show and see additional photos, check out Diesel Power Products’ Blog

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