Offroad Power Products to be Official Retailer of the 2013 Ultimate Adventure

The Ultimate Adventure is just that, the ultimate adventure (at least if you love off-roading, lots of driving, sleepless nights, and trailside repairs).  Put on by Petersen’s 4-Wheel & Off-Road Magazine every year, the UA is a weeklong adventure in which a handful of contestants are selected to meet in an undisclosed area at nearly the drop of a hat with their off-road artillery of choice and spend nearly a week in some of the roughest terrain around the country.  Each day presents a new challenge in a new area as the contestants must drive their vehicle to a different destination in a convoy to find untouched territory as determined by the staff of Petersen’s.  When, and we mean WHEN, carnage occurs, you had better be prepared to fix it trail side, or get left behind.  Last year’s event happened to be in our neck of the woods, so we had the opportunity to have several of our own vehicles be involved in the UA, including our Mega Cab that acted as the camera crew transport vehicle, as well as our 4BT Cummins powered Jeep JK.  The biggest carnage from last year may have been Synergy Suspension’s blown engine in their JK, which should have taken them out of the event.  Fortunately, because of being in our backyard, we managed to source an engine from Montana, get it to the middle of Washington where the vehicle was down, and swap a fresh engine in that would allow the guys from Synergy to finish the event.

And because we had so much fun last year, we wanted to be a part of it all again!  Through our great relationship with the staff at Petersen’s, they have invited us back to be the Official Retailer of the 2013 Ultimate Adventure and have welcomed our Raptor SD to be the official support vehicle for the event.  Last year was fun maneuvering our big Mega Cab amidst all of the smaller vehicles on the trail, we will see how the Super Duty fairs!  It will be exciting to learn where this year takes us and what debacles we encounter along the way, and who makes it out in one piece.  No matter the outcome, it’s a great adventure with a superb group of people that is truly something to remember for a lifetime.

Checkout the highlights from the 2012 Ultimate Adventure

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