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Toyota Announces TRD Pro Models

Toyota-Announces-TRD-Pro-ModelsBig news came out of Toyota recently in an effort to rebrand themselves in the eyes of many. Over the years, Toyota has developed a plethora of unique vehicles, but few that packed a serious punch in the face to distinct niche markets, specifically the rapidly growing off-road segment. Announced at the 2014 Chicago Auto Show, Toyota will begin production of TRD Pro models that will affect the 4Runner, Tacoma, and Tundra models to go after the Raptor SVT and Wrangler Rubicon crowd.

From the exterior, each model receives unique TRD Pro badging, black simulator beadlock wheels, aggressive tires, and FJ40 inspired black grills. Furthermore, these packages will come in a limited array of colors, being black, super white, and their flagship Inferno, which adorned each of the models at the Chicago Auto Show. But wait, are these all show and no go? Not necessarily. The Tacoma will receive Bilstein remote reservoir shocks, functional front skidplate, TRD tuned springs that will lift the front end an additional two inches, and a TRD exhaust for a little more pony.

Toyota-Announces-TRD-Pro-Models3The 4Runner also gets some attention with 1.5” taller front springs that net an extra one inch of wheel travel, along with aggressive all terrain tires and 17 inch black rims. And let’s not forget about the popular Tundra, which could very easily be their biggest seller. The Tundra, while it will not touch the avid off-road market that the Raptor SVT has plunged into, it will still gain popularity with the weekend warriors, or potentially those that would prefer to build their capable off-roader, instead of buy it. This package will feature reduced rate two inch taller front springs, Bilstein remote reservoir shocks, and a front skidplate.

Toyota-Announces-TRD-Pro-Models2Now the big question will be how sales go for this lineup. Will it be a huge hit with their aggressive styling cues and moderately functional drivetrain, or will they be a flop because of over comparisons to more showroom ready vehicles such as the Raptor and Wrangler? Time will tell, but we think these could give Toyota a new market presence and we’re excited to see where this takes Toyota in the future.


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